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Welcome to the world of refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator magnets are a unique and special way to promote your business, celebrate a special occasion or add to a collection. Create your own or choose a template to edit.

At a low price of 14¢ per magnet, your customers will never lose your number!

Refrigerator Magnets

Services that are used in the home, such as air conditioning/heating, plumbing and appliance repair are especially suited to the refrigerator magnet application for a business card magnets. It’s a nearly foolproof way to be sure that your customer will have your contact information at the moment it is needed.

Die-cutting your refrigerator magnet is extremely simple and fairly inexpensive, and once you have made the die, re-orders will cost less. Pizza restaurants can design their artwork to look just like a pizza and, after they are printed, die-cut with a pizza-shaped die. Depending on the size, most menu items can be listed directly on the magnet for an interesting take on the take-out menu.

Real estate agents might choose a larger refrigerator magnet in the shape of a house to remind potential sellers and buyers in their territory where they can get great representation. It’s helpful to have something else besides contact information on this kind of magnet. For instance, emergency numbers or a calendar add something to the magnet that makes displaying it more practical.

You don’t need to have a business to promote in order to make good use of refrigerator magnets. There is a current trend toward having save-the-date refrigerator magnets printed.  These can be ordered online and are full-color and completely customizable. Choose a personal photo to use as a save-the-date magnets for your wedding, shower, anniversary, birthday, or Christmas party, or choose an existing template from the website to make photo magnets. Your guests will be reminded of this special occasion every time they enter the kitchen.

Refrigerator magnets can also be used to leave notes for family members and to teach young children the alphabet and spelling. Colorful magnetized letters make a useful and fun teaching tool.

Since the first refrigerator magnets were produced in the 1970s, many people have started collections. Just choose a subject you’re interested in – a hobby, sport, pet or anything else - and you’ll soon find yourself on the lookout for refrigerator magnets on the subject. Think of anything at all – cartoon characters, tennis balls, surfboards, kittens, frogs, cows, cowgirls, Elvis – and there will be enough refrigerator magnets to make up an outstanding collection.

But perhaps the most common collections are travel magnets that reflect towns, cities, counties, states, provinces, mountain ranges, rivers and countries. National parks, amusement parks and monuments are also popular refrigerator magnets.

Refrigerator magnets are printed on magnetic paper, which is just as easy to put through an offset or digital press as paper. The magnetic substance is also extremely easy to die-cut into any shape you can think of.